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Descriptive & Diagnostic Analytics

Hindsight: “What happened?”          Oversight: “What is happening?”

  • GIS
  • Databases
  • Dashboards
  • Business intelligence
  • Web data extraction
  • Data cleansing
  • Problem structuring
  • Data and model visualization
  • Descriptive statistical analysis
  • Data exploration and pattern detection


Predictive & Inquisitive Analytics

Learning: “Why does it happen?”         Foresight: “What will happen?”

  • Inferential statistical analysis (controlled experiments, non-parametric techniques)
  • Data mining & Machine learning (classification, regression, factor analysis, clustering, deep learning, reinforcement learning)
  • Forecasting and Prediction
  • Simulation, Risk, Uncertainty, and Scenario Planning


Prescriptive & Optimization Analytics

Insight: “How should it happen?”

  • Optimization & planning (heuristics, mathematical programming, constraint satisfaction, solvers)
  • Multicriteria evaluation
  • Portfolio optimization & resource allocation
  • Project planning and resource scheduling
  • Behavioral sciences & nudging
  • Negotiation, conflict, and game theory