Whether it’s risk assessment or fraud detection, exploiting location data enables financial service organizations to make smarter decisions and predict the future.


Fraud Detection

Make location your secret weapon to protect, defend and respond.

Spatial analytics enables banks or insurance companies to spot anomalies fast – protecting your organization from the economic impact of fraudsters.






Risk Assessment

Measure and predict risk ahead of time.

Optimize your insurance underwriting, perform modelling around location and diversify your portfolio by analysing your capacity more efficiently.





Site Planning

Leverage the abundance of location data out there to build an ATM and branch footprint which makes sense for your customers. Whether it’s opening, closing, repurposing or relocation – let Location Intelligence power your decisions.






Analyse, target and acquire new customers using demographic and socio-economic spatial analytics to boost your market share. Make your campaigns more data-driven, accelerate your conversion rates through location and find new opportunities to boost revenues.







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