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Expand your business by transferring tasks, processes or roles to a nearby, lower cost location


Why Outsource?

Outsourcing has proven to be a great business model for reducing operating costs and boosting profit margins, whilst maintaining a high quality of customer service. The model is usually scalable and can allow companies in any market to adjust resource allocation as business conditions change. In an effort to maximise profits and minimise expenses, many companies opt for out-of-country outsourcing divided into two categories – nearshoring and offshoring.


Why Portugal?

1. Great talent at hand

Portugal has a highly skilled, experienced and driven native IT workforce, in addition to the free movement of workers from other EU member states.

2. Low travel and communication impact for US and European countries

Work schedule, daily meetings or short-notice travel are a non-issue! Portugal and Europe are on similar time zones and distance between them is short when compared to other nearshoring and off-shoring destinations; there are several daily direct flights between Portugal and European (including low cost) and US cities with a flight time around two and a half hours (Europe).

3. Competitiveness

Obviously, cost will always be an aspect in mind when outsourcing software development. Saving money is a priority for any business, but other factors must be remembered. Skilled people and an overall political and social stability are key when you are choosing an outsourcing destination.

If you only care about cost, you can choose the Asian market. However, along the way, you’ll probably find a few bumps the in the road: communication, time zone, social environment, political or economic instability, among others.

However, if you want to consider the cost / benefit ratio, Portugal is the place to look at.

According with The State of European Tech 2018,  the average software engineer salary per year in Lisbon is $31,500, while in Berlin is nearly 1.9x times higher ($58,750). In London the average is $54,000 and for our neighbours in Barcelona is $40,250.

The Portugal Wage Growth in Services is projected to trend around 2.60 percent in 2020 (by Trading Economics), which sets us still far below the leading European markets, such as UK and Germany.

In 2019, the Cost of Living Index ranks Portugal in the middle of chart (50th out of 119 countries), comparing favourably with Ireland (10th), UK (24th), France (11th), Slovenia (39th) and Spain (38th).

As you can see, Portugal offers a great value for money.

4. Social, political and regulatory framework

Portugal is politically and socially stable very secure, with a highly rated business environment and privileged geography, climate and quality of life; as a member state, Portugal follows EU standards and ethics namely on data protection.

5. European Leader in connectivity: accessibility and technological infrastructures

When it comes to connectivity, nothing compares to us. According to Europe’s Digital Progress Report 2017 – Connectivity, Portugal is the leader in fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) access in Europe, with almost 90% of the territory covered.

Portugal is ranked 19 out of a pool of 138 countries by the Global Competitiveness index report 2018 in quality of infrastructures, such as roads, telecommunications and internet access, and has one of the best internet velocities in the EU28 due to a focus on public investment.

6. Languages skills

In just ten years, the number of Portuguese who speak a second language has increased from 52% to 72%, according to our old friends at the National Institute of Statistics.

This makes Portugal shine out among its European partners as its adults have shown the greatest increase in their language skills.


Why GeoPoint?

Keeping ourselves up-to-date with the latest technologies and market trends allows us to provide organizations with cost effective solutions that give them a competitive edge in the market place. We believe that it is not just about providing great solutions and services, it is also about delivering solutions on time and also about being there when the customers need you to support them.

Technology we care about:

PostgreSQL/PostGIS · CARTO · GeoConcept · TourSolver · QGIS · GDAL · GEOS · D3.js · Leaflet · Google Maps · Here Maps · WhirlyGlobe · Python · R · Node.js · Docker · AWS · Spark · SciPy · NumPy · Pandas · Theano · TensorFlow · GeoWave · GeoMesa · ESRI · C# · asp.net · PHP · Javascript · and much more!

Projects in which we have experience:

Taylor made routing software · Routing & Scheduling capabilities integration with ERP/CRM · Big Data Visualization and Insights· City/Region/Country WebGIS · Environmental monitoring ·  Emergency monitoring and reporting · Garbage collection optimization · Cartography production · Real Estate Analysis · Product monitoring with Webscrapping · Location Intelligence solutions · Retail drive time areas and geomarketing projects · Tracking integration and monitoring (cars, boats, cargo, wild life…) · Descriptive & Diagnostic Analytics · Predictive & Inquisitive Analytics · Prescriptive & Optimization Analytics · Training



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