Route Optimization

Routes optimization in organizations can take many forms depending on the type, maturity, dimension and many other factors that characterize them. What are you looking for?

1. Integrate Location Intelligence into your systems

2. Access a full of functionalities software ready to make simulations and mobility studies (Desktop)

3. Access a ready to use software, study and plan your routes online

Vehicle routing problem

GeoOptimization Server

The planning and route optimization web service. Route optimization API

GeoOptimization Server, a route optimization web service, adds planning and geographical optimization features to existing information systems.

Can be easily integrated with existent systems like SAP, Primavera, PHC, Oracle, SAGE, Dynamics, SalesForce or others: multi-constraint optimization, geocoding, redistricting and routing.

The main benefits are optimized routes (delivery, pick-ups, both, sales visits, maintenance visits), sales territories balancing and call center location support…

Geo-Optimization Server has the following functionalities:


Determinate LAT/LONG coordinates based on an address, an address file or directly from a database.

Routes Optimization

Calculate the best routes based on multi restrictions (resources, clients, street network and more).


Calculate the best path between two or more locations depending of the traffic patterns


Territories balancing functionality to allocate your customers to different strategic distribution areas so that you can assign routes evenly based on different retail outlets or brands.

Drive-Time Areas

Calculate Drive time areas from one or more points based on kilometres or time

Configurable Variables


  • Days, time windows, visits frequency
  • Punctuality, delay penalties
  • Fixed and variable time visits, unloading duration
  • Mandatory characteristics (skills, type of vehicle…)
  • Street side management
  • Quantities (until 24 definitions: products or dimensions)
  • Assign clients into a specific route


  • Days and working time, lunch break
  • Extra work hours
  • Characteristics (Driver’s skills or vehicle characteristics)
  • Define different starting and ending shift locations
  • Capacity(until 24 definitions: products or dimensions)
  • Distance-Cost, hour cost, extra-hour cost, overnight cost
  • Fixes costs, delivery costs, per visit costs
  • Delivery and pick-up management
  • Driving time legislation configuration>/li>
  • Overnight Routes
  • Multi-Warehouse management

Road Network and vehicles

  • Avoid areas
  • Traffic statistics *
  • Different kinds of vehicles
  • Velocity configuration for every type of road and vehicle
  • Toll allowance configuration
  • Heavy trucks configuration**:
    – Weight and Height: 16 variables for each;
    – Length and width of the vehicle;
    – Towing vehicle;
    – Transportation of hazardous materials;
    – Transport of flammable materials;

* Depending on the countries ** Depending on information available in the road network databases

Toursolver: desktop solution

The simple and comprehensive route optimization software.

TourSolver for Windows lets you optimize delivery and pick up route plans. It is the ideal easy-to-implement office solution for companies

wishing to adopt a simple tool with a rapid return on investment.

  • Evaluate and optimize your existing routes
  • Schedule routes taking into account your vehicles and personnel restrictions (loadings, delivery slots, technician qualifications)
  • Export your dispatch plans to your employees’ smartphones
  • Reduce route cost by 15% and improve your productivity!

Easy to use, the TourSolver software is accessible to any type of user.
A wizard guides you step-by-step: Programming is a matter of a few clicks!

1) Solution configuration

Type of route, personnel and equipment limitations, customer specific characteristics … Each of our customers has their own specific optimization needs. To generate the ideal routes and routes that are precisely tailored for your business and your needs, the TourSolver route optimization solution has numerous configuration features.

Configuring Client Restrictions and Features

The optimization is configured directly in the dedicated software interface.

Many conditions can be taken into account:

  • Client (hours of operation (time windows), frequency of calls, knowledge required …),
  • Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
  • Mobile workers (working hours, sleeping, legal driving time …)
  • Vehicles (capacity, loading time, traffic restrictions …).
Cost Setup:

To ensure the best possible optimization of user activities, operating costs are also configurable:

  • Cost per hour of work and overtime
  • Vehicles: Fixed cost and non-use costs
  • Total cost per km or per distance limit
  • Fixed cost per visit
Provision of the road network

For efficient optimization, the software is based on comprehensive mapping data and needs:

  • Street side management
  • Zones where traffic is prohibited
  • Traffic specific nature according to the type of vehicle: car, taxi, emergency vehicle, heavy goods vehicle
  • Limited access (heavy goods vehicles, transport of hazardous substances, etc.)

2) Calculation of routes and indicators


Once the activity has been modelled, the user monitors dashboard optimization in real time and can drag and drop clients from the dial list into schedule (and vice versa) and, in case of emergency, directly change the call sequence in the Gantt Chart.

View the routes on a map

The TourSolver for Geoconcept is based on the Geoconcept GIS, making it possible to view the optimized routes in a user-friendly environment comprising high-quality cartographic data and having sophisticated geographical analysis capabilities (sectoring, thematic representation, the search for the nearest …).

Return on investment – Improving Operations with Route Optimization

The solution presents the cost of the selected route as well as the improvement achieved through optimization compared to the previous schedule.

Calculation of CO2 emissions

TourSolver takes CO2 emissions into account when calculating the route.

The calculation of greenhouse gas emissions is based on the average amount of fuel consumed by the vehicle and the type of fuel.
The amount of fuel is calculated by multiplying the number of kilometres travelled by the vehicle fleet by its average fuel consumption.
The carbon footprint is displayed during the course calculation on the panel (CO2, in kg)

3) Mobility and communication

Efficiency on the ground </ h5>
To increase the effectiveness of the teams on the ground, TourSolver allows you to export the schedules and itineraries of each of the drivers in Excel, Word or text format with the trips displayed on the map.

Optimization results can also be sent to vehicle tracking services, navigation systems or electronic journals.

Analysis and publication

Once the simulations were carried out, the tool allows the exchange of information and communication to the drivers: route exports, mapping reports (isochronous calculation, sectorization …), analysis of variance between the optimization of operations and operations …

4) And yet …


The logistics manager easily executes and maintains their own route simulations:

  • Phase selection on request or directly within the map
  • Manually modifying the sequence by clicking and dragging steps,
  • Transferring stages from one cycle to another …

The solution optimizes the distribution of phases between different warehouses.
The glider can simulate the creation of a new warehouse or examine the distribution of its resources among a number of starting points.


The solution is available in two user modes:

  • Single route: Calls are normally associated with each vehicle. The solution checks the constraints and calculates the best route resource per resource
  • Multi routes: a lot of calls need to be answered by a vehicle package. Calls are automatically allocated taking into account the constraints and total cost.
Optimization and Routing Engine

The solution incorporates the calculation component of the powerful Geoconcept SIG route. This ensures that the routes generated are more realistic.

Road Statistics

TourSolver takes into account the expected traffic flow, based on road statistics.
It manages traffic profiles (pedestrians, light vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, buses …) as well as traffic patterns HERE ™ for traffic statistics.

Data Exchange

The external database manager makes it possible to connect to databases (Access, Excel, DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase…).

This allows TourSolver to receive and export dynamic customer information (orders) and vehicles (availability) …

TourSolver Cloud

The best routing solutions, now in the cloud

Easy to use:

Available for immediate use, online help, intuitive interface

100% cloud:

Automatic updates, secure data


Assistant of configurations of restrictions of the activities in the field (schedules, resources, frequencies, among others)


Surprise yourself with a large gain in productivity and reduced operating cost

Improving Operations with Route Optimization

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