Performing since the year 2000, GeoPoint has become one of the Portuguese references in Geographic Information Systems.

Its actuation area is mainly related with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Data analysis, Data cleaning, validation and integration and GIS training and special training. It has a very strong background concerning GIS training activities in Portugal and Portuguese speaking countries and also consulting and management for public and private sectors. It has references regarding consulting studies and/or the implementation of complex spatial and data analysis/integration projects. Their references goes from the Portuguese government or several municipalities to multinational companies such as Continental, Cushman&Wakefield, McKinsey & Company, DBSchenker, IMS Health or even big Portuguese companies such as NOS (telecom), CIN, Novo Banco, Empifarma or Electricidade de Portugal (EDP). Abroad, the references are such as the Instituto Nacional de Estatística de São Tomé e Príncipe, some municipalities in Cape Verde and some companies across the globe where Geopoint provided Portuguese, African or European data and spatial data.

The company organized very successful conferences, such as GeoMarketing (2001 and 2008), Remote Sensing (2002, with the Lisbon Technical University) and the T-TIG and S-TTIG in 2006 and 2007, (Tourism & Geographic Information Technology and Health & Geographic Information Technology) in partnership with the e-GEO – Center for the Study of Geography and Regional Planning where many of the national GIS institutions participated, including the main SNIG (Portuguese SDI) stakeholders.

Geopoint collaborated in organizing the first post-graduate in Geographic Information Systems held in Portugal and have been involved with several other reference schools such as Universidade Lusófona, ESEC, ISLA, INP and Instituto Superior Técnico.

The company was the first GIS academy in Portugal and later the first authorized ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.) Portugal learning center. Currently they represent the French GIS company – GeoConcept SA for Portugal and Portuguese speaking countries as well as CARTO.

Technology we care about:

PostgreSQL/PostGIS · CARTO · GeoConcept · QGIS · GDAL · GEOS · D3.js · Leaflet · Google Maps · WhirlyGlobe · Python · R · Node.js · Docker · AWS · Spark · SciPy · NumPy · Pandas · Theano · TensorFlow · GeoWave ·GeoMesa


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