Take on the growing threat of ecommerce with location data and leverage demographic and socioeconomic data to redefine customer engagement.

Site Planning

90% of retail transactions still take place offline. Whether it’s opening, closing, repurposing or relocation – let Location Intelligence power your gravity modelling. Create a profitable offline footprint which makes sense for your customers – using data to find the perfect balance between ecommerce and brick and mortar.


Indoor Mapping

Forget about expensive proprietary hardware and discover our rapid-deployment solution. Improve customer experience, boost operational efficiency and accelerate your revenues by answering those burning commercial and operational questions with actionable insights for your shopping mall.







Analyze, understand and target your customers using demographic and socioeconomic spatial analytics. Make your campaigns more data-driven, accelerate your conversion rates through location and find new opportunities to boost revenues.








Supply Chain Network Design

Profits for your company can rocket if you achieve sufficient savings in your supply chain. Keeping costs down and reliability up by designing your network to minimize product handling with location data can trigger double-digit savings.







Territory Management

Optimize your field sales performance by designing and balancing your territories using your CRM data. Win bigger and better deals faster, boost sales rep productivity and reduce your field’s operational costs through location.






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