Our offer would not be complete without providing data packages that could boost our clients’ studies. We have our own data and data from a vast network of international partners that we can include in our packages.
In addition to the wide range of maps, GeoPoint also provides statistical information to enrich your reports:

The 2011 Census database – Subseccao Estatistica

The 2011 Census database is the result of a major effort to better disseminate the results of the Population and Housing Censuses in Europe, providing users with easy access to detailed census data that are structured in the same way and methodologically comparable between countries.

>> Free download – BGRI2011


GeoStatData is a catalogue of socio-demographic data and mapping, whose objective is to provide appropriate information for facilitating the decision making of businesses.
It is based on the official map of census sections (or other official infra-municipal divisions, depending on the country), to which a series of information which is key to understanding the surroundings of a company and its market is added.

Countries available
At this time, we provide geostatistical information to the following countries:
USA – Spain – Italy – France- Portugal

GeoStatData contains key information for learning about the surrounding area of a company and its market. Notable examples of the variables that it includes are:

– Population by gender
– Population by age
– Population composition of homes
– Presence of premises in an area
– Square metres of commercial space
– Square metres of premises by typology
– Square metres of homes
– Level of studies of the population
– Working population
– Building typology in the area
– Height of buildings

Furthermore, we have other exclusive data, which provide added value to the database, such as:

– Indicator of level of wealth
– Pedestrian traffic at the census section level
– Typology of areas (industrial, historic centre of cities, rural, etc.)
– Social class
– Tourism index
– Value of homes and evolution of this value in recent years
– Commercial attractiveness

7 Digits Postal Code and georeferenced doors – national level

GeoPoint has a 7-digit ZIP Code database as well as a database of residential and non-residential doors, both referenced nationally.

Data from Foreign Countries

We have partnerships with several data providers in several countries around the world and on all continents. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Special Data

Not all the data that exists is prepared to be used with a geographical purpose. We have experience in working sectoral data from car park to real estate or health.
Most data has a location component even though it is not obvious: sectoral studies, public data, web-scraping … Contact us!



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