Smart Cities and progressive governments don’t just manage the data surrounding them, they make it a cornerstone of their strategy and service to citizens.

Traffic Management


Commuter behaviour is changing in the face of increasing congestion and pollution. Trends such as crowdsourced traffic apps and embedded vehicle connectivity mean that urban planners and traffic managers need to capture the value of these new location data sources.







Smart Cities & IoT


Cities and governments globally are racing to make better use of actionable data when making decisions. Because so many government activities are inherently location-centric, accessing and understanding location-related data is critical. Citizens and stakeholders demand it, and agencies are being held accountable to the data they manage.





Citizen Services


Local governments exist to serve citizens, and citizens expect the same innovation from their governments as they see in society around them. More often than not, this means using location information to transform the way they deliver service and demonstrate their performance.







Public Participation and Open Data


Open Data has changed the way citizens see government, but leaders must be strategic in how they harness that data to solve specific problems. Since most open data is location-based, geospatial analysis is more crucial than ever. The best governments manage their location data and deliver it in an actionable format to their citizens, developers and employees. Make accountability easy with CARTO.





Urban Planning


Location data is crucial in planning more efficient and sustainable cities. Spatially analyzing mobility and citizen behaviour with internal and external data is crucial in order for urban planners to succeed in shaping the future of their cities with data-driven decision making.






Fleet Routing & Tracking


Optimize your fleet’s performance, reducing costs and optimizing routing using Location Intelligence. Whether it’s road maintenance, waste disposal or healthcare visits – harness the power of CARTO to track your team, saving your organization valuable time and money.






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