Connect your data to our Location Intelligence and Routing solutions

Our products and solutions can be easily integrated into numerous application environments, thereby enabling web services to be implemented in Internet and Intranet architectures. It adapts to every kind of database and international grammar. An easy-to-integrate Rest API confers complete mastery of the optimization process.

Even though, we offer some connectors ready to work such as:



MySQL: Expand the geospatial capabilities of one of the most popular databases

Microsoft SQL Server: Enable the power of location on your Microsoft database instance

PostgreSQL: Externally connect to your PostgreSQL object-relational database

Amazon Redshift: Massive and advanced parallelized Location Intelligence in the cloud

Hive: Accelerate your distributed data infrastructure with Location Intelligence




DropBox: The easy-to-use file sharing and storage service, directly integrable with CARTO

Google Drive: Connect and access spreadsheet from your Drive directly with CARTO

Box: Connect CARTO to the business-grade cloud file sharing service you love





ArcGIS: Connect to ArcGIS™ Server layers directly from CARTO

Qlik: Real-time connection with their business intelligence dashboards in the cloud

Splunk: Location intelligence on your machine-generated data management platform

Alteryx: Transform and analyze your data from Alteryx and geo-spatially accelerate it with CARTO



Twitter Maps: Map the pulse of the world directly through our Firehose advanced connection

Excel Data: Transform your spreadsheets data into location insights

Digital Globe Satellite Imagery: Freshly baked high-resolution satellite imagery, straight into CARTO

Bird.i: Bring your CARTO map to life with the most up-to-date satellite images



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